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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we specialize in one thing - high-temperature heating elements for dental applications. With over 10 years of experience in the process heating industry, our knowledge will help you keep your sintering or burn out furnaces running efficiently and cost effectively, so that you can focus on what makes your laboratory profitable.

Dental Furnace Elements sells only elements manufactured by Sandvik - a worldwide leader in high quality resistive heating elements. With over 6,500 employees, and 150 years of technology development backing their product, Sandvik is the obvious choice for demanding applications such as those found in your dental laboratory.

Sandvik is a major supplier to many dental furnace OEMs worldwide, so our elements are 100% compatible with your equipment.

With just a handful of measurements, our proprietary Element Sizer System (ESS) will calculate a specific price for your furnace element. Based on your furnace's manufacturer and other specifications collected during the sizing process, our system will also recommend the correct grade of element, ensuring element longevity and performance.

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Why Buy from Us?

Because we are from the Midwest, and Midwesterners are nice. Just kidding (although it is true).

Product Support

You shouldn't have to be an expert in heating technology to run a dental laboratory. Leave the expertise to us - all you have to do is just pick up the phone, give us a call, and a real live person in Cleveland, Ohio will answer your questions.

Fantastic Pricing

We purchase our elements direct from the manufacturer in volume, enabling us to pass on the savings to you.

One Year Warranty

All products are warrantied for one year from manufacturing defects.

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All orders over $1,000 ship free!

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