A Quick Note on Thermocouples

When I say a short note – I mean, this will actually be short!

Although we are Dental Furnace Elements, not Dental Furnace Thermocouples, we do have the capability of sourcing thermocouples from one of our partner manufacturers in Cleveland. Similarly to heating elements, however, thermocouples do vary quite a bit in their construction. Although there are steadfast standards for temperature types – standards that are often denoted with a single letter, such as K, J, N, P, and more – the actual mechanical packaging of said thermocouple is dependent upon the furnace manufacturer and how they decided to design the component.

Making things a little more difficult than heating elements, thermocouples do not have any standard measurements such as Le, Lu, and a. There are many factors that go into measuring thermocouples, so when we are asked to quote one, we typically ask that the thermocouple be sent to our office where we can measure it and send information on the overall design to our manufacturer.

So – there you have it! See, I told you this would be short. The bottom line when it comes to thermocouples for your dental sintering oven is that yes, we can supply them. All you need to do is throw the unit into a box, ship it to us, and we will take care of the rest.