The Story of Dental Furnace Elements

One of the regular questions we get is, “who are you?” This is a fair question, as, to be honest, we are just another company on the Internet. That said, we are neither some bot nor some advanced AI (although the latter would be awesome, but why would an AI devote itself to selling heating elements for dental sintering furnaces…).

Who We Are

We are a small e-commerce company located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio that is an offshoot of an established industrial sales company. For roughly twelve years prior to starting Dental Furnace Elements, the industrial sales company had (and still does have) a very healthy relationship with our heating element manufacturer (a major Swedish company that is a global player in the space). During those twelve years, working primarily with industrial companies throughout the Midwest, we became domain experts on many different forms of heat processes using resistive heating elements. These processes have traditionally been in areas such as automotive, aerospace, primary metals, process glass, and R&D/ laboratory applications.

These applications are often quite challenging, as they involve process atmospheres often times at odds with the heating element chemistry, high temperatures, and strict controls on end product quality.

We still operate in the industrial space, and have a lot of fun helping companies solve complex heat process issues. I am a kid at heart, and still have a healthy sense of awe when walking into any manufacturing facility.

But How Dental?

Although our focus was on the industrial space, we were starting to come across more and more dental laboratories who were asking us for help with their MoSi2 and SiC heating elements. We didn’t know this at the time, but the uptick in these types of inquiries was tracking the overall growth of the use of zirconia and cobalt chromium in the dental implant industry. Although dental sintering furnaces are much smaller than what we see in a typical industrial setting, the principles of operation are the same. As we talked to an increasing number of laboratories, we found that there were commonalities in the challenges faced by lab owners. Namely:

  • The heating elements they were purchasing were very expensive
  • These elements were not lasting all that long, resulting in a high total cost of ownership
  • The end product was sometimes contaminated by foreign material, causing quality issues with color matching

For the owners, not being heating experts, these were, and still are, huge problems. For us, we found that we could add a lot of value and help out some other small business owners while at the same time diversifying our business. Not a bad deal.

Recognizing this opportunity, we talked to our manufacturing partner and forged an agreement where we could work with them to become their e-commerce partner focusing solely on the dental laboratory market. By offering competitive pricing and expert support, our hope is that we can build a community that benefits those who own and operate dental sintering ovens.

We are still a young company but we are growing fast and having a great time helping others. Drop us a line and we would be happy to discuss what we can do to help you and your dental sintering ovens be more productive!